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Apples & pears

In addition to trees directly from the nursery, Vitafruit also sells ripe, packaged fruit. We source our raw produce from the distinguished growing areas in Northern Italy and South Tyrol. Before apples and pears are packed and shipped, we subject the fruits to strict quality control, after which they find their way to the wholesale trade.

In our warehouses in Gargazzone (BZ) and Pincara (RO), with a total capacity of up to 1,500 wagons (1 wagon equals 10,000 kg), we store the fruit under the best conditions and using the most modern technology, where it is then sorted, packed, and sold to supermarkets and wholesalers worldwide.

Vitafruit Packing station

Via Raffaello Sanzio 1331
45027 Trecenta (RO)

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Vitafruit Group

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